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Dr. med. Agnieszka Starnawska

Professional degrees and experience

1996 – Medical Doctor degree from Medical University of Gdansk (Poland)

1997 – 2001 – Ophthalmology Clinic Hospital, Gdansk

2001 – 2005 – Ophthalmology University Clinic, Warsaw

2005 – Specialist in Ophthalmology degree, Warsaw

2005 – 2007 – Privat Ophthalmology Clinic, Warsaw

2008 – 2010 – Ophthalmology Practice Sonnenhof, Bülach

2013 – PhD degree from University of Basel

2011 – 2019 – Ophthalmology Practice Dr. Mekler, Basel, Ophthalmology Practice Muttenz-Pratteln

Christa Mauron, Practice Assistant

I’ve gained my first medical experience at the ophthalmology surgery unit of Basel University Hospital. Since 1990 I worked in ophthalmology private practice in Pratteln. In August 2019 I started working with Dr. Starnawska in Reinach and helping her to build up a new private practice. I am responsible for managing consultations, examinations using various diagnostic devices, correspondence and administration. However, above all, I appreciate the direct contact with our patients.


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